Personalized support

No matter what stage your business is in, you need to make important decisions on issues ranging from general management to human resources, finance and more. We offer you two services to connect with experienced, passionate and concerned people about your entrepreneurial success.


Mentoring is a connection (also called a dyad) between a mentor and a mentee.

The mentor is an expert who acts as a guide. She offers her help on a voluntary basis and encourages reflection, decision-making and action.

The mentor does not change; it offers support to entrepreneurs so that they themselves can bring about change.


In coaching, objectives and a performance plan are established according to results that must be achieved in the short term.

The person offering coaching services is an expert in a specific field. 

There is a remuneration for the service rendered.

I had a great conversation with Tal back in March, he was very assuring that I’m on the right path and doing the proper due diligence.

– Zoe, Entrepreneur

Tina An

Tina An

 Ruchy Khurana

Ruchy Khurana

Coaching avec Yes Montreal

Yes Montreal is a non-profit organization that helps Quebec entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses. Yes Montreal offers business coaching, workshops, mentoring, conferences and networking opportunities.

As part of the partnership with Vegan Capital, two coaches from Yes Montreal are available to support vegan entrepreneurs.

These people can help you with the following needs:

  • Evaluation of ideas and business creation
  • Business plan review
  • Market research, sales and marketing
  • Advice on funding options and resources
  • Growth and maintenance of your business
  • Import / export, online business, franchising and more

To benefit from this service, there is an annual fee of $ 30.

Find a mentor

A meeting can be enough to go from an interesting idea to an incredible business. At Vegan Capital, we believe that network strength can make a difference. So we handpicked mentors (vegan) to support you. The program is free, unique, accessible and simple.

Look at the profiles and quickly ask for a connection.

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